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When it comes to protecting your coastal property, nothing makes more of a difference than a seawall company. Homes near the water offer beautiful views but can leave owners with expensive insurance payments. Consistent damage to your home can raise insurance costs to the point where some homeowners sell to reduce their expenses. The issue lies in safety and marine construction. Residents throughout the St. Petersburg area may be unaware of all the ways that they should protect their home. St. Pete Dock and Seawall provides customers with professional advice and guidance when deciding on marine construction services.

Even natural structures that protect your home require protection. The shore may prevent waves from crashing right into your backyard, but the shore faces erosion if there is no wall to protect it. Without protection, water can quickly whittle away at soft soil and sand. While it feels like the sand at a beach is always there, coasts throughout the state are losing tons every year. To combat this, many cities like St. Petersburg invest millions in collecting and transporting sand. However, this is often not financially viable for many property owners. St. Pete Dock and Seawall can instead help reduce or prevent erosion before it becomes a larger issue. A seawall company simplifies the process and provides vital information to customers, so they can make a better decision to keep their property safe.

Why Invest in a Seawall Company?

To prevent rapid erosion, which can cause issues like structural instability, homeowners in St. Petersburg can construct smaller barriers. Many sites offer help to do so but often do not correctly inform readers. Most of the time, the panels are merely placed over an existing concrete barrier. While this provides protection, it is often negligible and mostly cosmetic. A real seawall company offers much more than simple installation of thin vinyl panels. A well-constructed barrier can last decades with only minor repair needs or adjustments. The most significant issue with builders is that some may cut corners by using weaker materials in their construction. St. Petersburg clients at St. Pete Dock and Seawall can benefit from:

  • Long-lasting, sturdier materials
  • Better, effective design
  • Affordable services

Long-Lasting Materials

When people think of a barrier, it is easy to imagine lots of wooden log or panels. However, wood is not always the best material. While specific treatments can protect it, it still decays. In fact, wood will be the fastest decaying material you will have to deal with. To combat this, homeowners in St. Petersburg will sometimes place vinyl panels over wooden logs or even concrete ones. Other materials like vinyl, aluminum, and concrete are longer lasting and provide more defense from massive waves. Instead of dealing with repairs or an infestation of barnacles due to warm water, a seawall company offers a lasting structure.

Effective Designs

At St. Pete Dock and Seawall, designers can take into account various factors to create a more effective design. Options like rip rap barriers are cheap and low maintenance options but not fit for every property. When it comes to absorbing small and medium waves, rocks and concrete blocks are incredibly useful. Since the rock can sometimes be porous, it absorbs waves instead of reflecting them.

Vertical walls cost more but are highly effective. A vertical wall can completely absorb and reflect wave energy. Marine barriers in St. Petersburg are typically large structures that require plenty of planning and manpower to construct. An ineffective seawall company will merely build whatever they can without taking into account factors like elevation. St. Pete Dock and Seawall does not ignore critical factors that can lead to structural damage. If you have a failing barrier, then upgrading can also save you from costly repairs in the future.

Affordable Design

A seawall company seeking to make the most may recommend options or services that do not benefit you. Sometimes, this can be a sign of a lack of experience. Professional contractors, like the builders at St. Pete Dock and Seawall, recommend the best options for your property. That way, clients spend less and select the most effective and affordable design.

Other Marine Construction Services at St. Pete Dock and Seawall

Clients in St. Petersburg can rely on their marine construction contractor to handle more than just building a barrier. With the right seawall company, customers can also take advantage of dock and boat lift building services. To get the most out of your coastal property, contact St. Pete Dock and Seawall today by going online or at (727) 240-0819.

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