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One of the best ways to enjoy all that St. Petersburg has to offer is with dock building. Having a dedicated structure to enjoy the waterfront is not only beneficial for the enjoyment of the area, but it enhances property value and can even add a level of protection for shorelines. Trust the experts at St. Pete Dock and Seawall for professional marine construction services with high-quality craftsmanship.

Types of Docks

Fixed docks remain fixed through a connection with the floor of the body of water. This connection is made through pilings. The height and structure of the pilings depend on the use for the structure itself. Is it primarily for enjoying the view? Then you may want taller pilings for a better view. Is it for getting in and out of a boat? Then you may want to be closer to the top of the water for easier access.

Floating docks are not secured to the floor of the body of water, and instead, have a free-floating nature. They are, however, connected to the shore so they do not float away. The benefit of floating docks lies in their flexibility. If the water level changes a lot, then having a flexible structure allows for a range of fluctuation.

Whether you want a fixed or a floating dock, St. Pete Dock and Seawall can help you install the perfect structure. Our professional marine contractors can help you decide which type is best for your property so you can get the most out of your investment.

Dock Building Materials

The materials you choose are critical for longevity and structural integrity. Most often, St. Petersburg property owners choose between pressure-treated wood, composites, or vinyl.

  • Wood is a common choice that comes in many colors and finish options for a natural, classic Florida look and feel.
  • Composites are made of a combination of wood fibers and plastics. This material is very low-maintenance, except for the occasional rinse.
  • Vinyl is a long-lasting material that requires even less maintenance than composites.

To learn more about dock building materials, speak with a professional at St. Pete Dock and Seawall for more advice.

Rely on St. Pete Dock and Seawall for Professional Expertise

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