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St. Pete Dock & Seawall: Your Local Seawall Company

When it comes to protecting your coastal property, nothing makes more of a difference than a seawall company. Homes near the water offer beautiful views but can leave owners with expensive insurance payments. Consistent damage to your home can raise insurance costs to the point where some homeowners sell to [...]

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St. Pete Dock and Seawall: The Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite decking is made of a combination of plastic and wood. Many people in St. Petersburg Beach prefer it over traditional materials like wood or metal because it offers many benefits. At St. Pete Dock and Seawall, most of our clients prefer composites because they offer a better price, longer [...]

Seawall and Dock Maintenance: Look Out for These Signs of Trouble

As a professional marine contractor and construction specialist, we see clients from all over Tampa Bay face issues with their seawalls and docks. A lot of these problems can be prevented with the right maintenance and proactive care. Trust St. Pete Dock and Seawall when it comes to maintenance, repairs, [...]